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Sublimatable White Two Tone Mugs

Sublimatable White Two Tone Mugs


These Items are Blank! These are sublimatible blanks! Must use sublimation inks and heat press


11 oz Ceramic Mug. White w/Black Interior. Glossy surface. Ceramic Mug will fit any standard mug press.

Mug heat press settings:
– temperature – 400 degrees F
– dwell time – 5:00 – 6:00 minutes (see the press manufacturer for recommended
dwell time for ceramic mug)
– pressure – light to medium

1. cut your transfers so that the transfer is slightly larger vertically than
the mug.
2. Position the substrate onto the transfer.
3. Tape two ends of the transfer near the handle of the mug using the heat
4. Wrap a piece of scratch paper around the transfer and mug taping if
6. Center the mug in the mug press.
7. Close the mug press using the mug heat press settings above.
8. Remove items from the press immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if
necessary – the items will be very hot.
9. Tear off the scratch paper and the transfer and place in front of fan for

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Two Tone Mugs

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