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Sublimatable Rectangle Luggage Tag with Black Edge and Strap

Sublimatable Rectangle Luggage Tag with Black Edge and Strap


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Customizable accessory option with a black edge. Great for monograms and logos and so much more. A gift item for on the go travelers for their backpacks, travel cases, duffel bags, and more.

Heat press settings:
– temperature – 365 degrees F
– dwell time – 2 minutes
– pressure – heavy pressure

1. Attach the substrate with heat tape or repositionable spray.
2. Align the substrate onto the transfer.
3. Place the transfer and substrate in the press onto the paper towel
(transfer on top of substrate).
4. Place the teflon sheet or scratch paper on top of the heat pad.
5. Press the items using the settings listed above.
6. Remove items from the press immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if
necessary – the items will be very hot.
7. Tear the transfer in half opposite the taped ends.
8. Place product under something heavy to prevent warping.
9. Allow product to cool completely before sublimating second side.
10. Any residue left behind from the adhesive spray can be cleaned off with
lighter fluid or denatured alchohol.