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Hologram HTS Adhesive Vinyl – 12″ x 12″ Sheets


Hologram HTS Adhesive Vinyl – 12″ x 12″ Sheets

Adhesive Hologram Vinyl
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Heat Transfer Source is proud to introduce HTS Hologram Vinyl materials! These materials are part of the Heat Transfer Source private label line of adhesive vinyl materials. Our HTS Hologram Vinyl creates a prism finish which gives your designs a shiny rainbow effect. With these materials no design is left looking dull. Sparkle and shine only!

Material Details

• Size: 12″ x 12″ per sheet
• 18 different colors
• Thickness 50-micron PET
• Material outdoor durability is 3 to 5 years
• Material work only on hard surfaces

Instructions for Application

• Create design and place vinyl color/shiny side up on your mat.
• Cut design and weed vinyl.
• Prep the surface of your product by spraying with glass cleaner and wiping with a soft cloth.
• Place transfer tape over your vinyl design and smooth with crafting tool scraper.
• Place design and place on your product in the area of choice.
• Press the design on the product and smooth with a tool scraper.
• Once pressed on, peel up the transfer tape leaving the vinyl design on the product.
Tip for HTS Hologram Adhesive Vinyl – Use a hairdryer to remove stubborn bubbles. Adding heat to the design will soften the adhesive.

Product Details HTS Hologram Vinyl

  • Product is sold in an assortment of solid colors and designs
  • Materials can be used with multiple cutting machines
    • Cricut Machines: Personal, Create, Expression – Speed: Medium / Pressure: Medium / Blade: 4
    • Cricut Expression 2 – Speed: Medium / Pressure: 3 / Blade:5
    • Cricut Imagine – Speed: Medium/ Pressure: 4 / Blade:4
    • Cricut Explore – Dial: Custom/ Select: Holographic Vinyl
    • Cricut Maker – Select: Browse materials / Select Holographic Vinyl
    • Silhouette Cameo – Speed: 7 / Pressure: 5 / Blade 2

Material Recommendations

• Best used for outdoor products; boards, metal signs, decals and works great on tumblers.
• HTS team does not recommended this material for wall application because is a permanent adhesive which can damage paint.

HTS Recommendation for Project Tools

HTS Mini Tweedy or Tweedy Lites are a great help with weeding fine lines.

Additional information

Adhesive Hologram Vinyl

Blue Cracked Ice, Blue Dots, Blue Roses, Blue violet diamonds, Blue Violet Mermaid scales, Brushed Blue, Brushed Fuchsia, Brushed Gold, Brushed green, Brushed Light Purple, Brushed Lime, Brushed Orange, Brushed Red, Brushed Silver, Brushed Teal, Brushed Violet, Copper Dots, Deep Brush Black, Deep Brush Blue, Deep Brush Gold, Deep Brush Green, Deep Brush Pink, Deep Brush Purple, Deep Brush Red, Deep Brush Silver, Gold Dots, Green Yellow Blue Rainbow Dots, Green Yellow Blue Rainbow Leopard Skin, Green Yellow Blue Rainbow mermaid scales, Green Yellow Blue Rainbow Peacock, Green Yellow Blue Rainbow Snake Skin, Light blue circles, Peach Pink Leopard Skin, Peach pink mermaid scales, Peach Pink Roses, Peach Pink Snake Skin, Pink Diamonds, Purple Dots, Rainbow, Rainbow Carbon Fiber, Rainbow Diamonds, Rainbow Hearts, Rainbow Leopard, Rainbow Mermaid Scales, Red Dots, Retro, Rose Gold Dots, Silver Dots, Violet Blue Leopard Skin, Wavy light blue