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*Sale* Mystery 2 Step Foil Pack

*Sale* Mystery 2 Step Foil Pack



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If you purchase 2 packs, you will get the same colors. 

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  1. -Reverse design before cutting the clear adhesive
  2. –Cut design with the adhesive side facing upwards and plastic carrier facing down. Cut with very low pressure. Do a test cut until the outer shape weeds out easily around the inner shape.
  3. -Weed away excess material leaving only the desired graphic on the carrier for heat transferring.
  4. -Position weeded Adhesive design on garment with the carrier side up.
  5. -Set Heat press at 300 for 5 seconds and hot peel (its important that you hot peel!)
  6. -Cut a piece of foil that is slightly larger than the Adhesive. CAREFULLY place foil over the Adhesive design and make sure it is completely covered. Place parchment paper, over design and heat press.
  7. -Press for 10 seconds and cold peel.
  8. -You have a finished product